Recent studies have indicated that company culture is one of the most important pieces of information job candidates are looking at today, including those in the healthcare industry.  If you have not taken the time to cultivate your culture, or worse yet, do not even know what it is, you must take the time to get it right.  Here are a few company culture killers that will keep future job candidates away:

  • You may think this is a school-yard problem, but bullying inside company and facility walls is real. It is often more difficult to detect, but can be detrimental to you retaining your hires.  It is important that you foster a culture that is not sarcastic or rude, and take every threat serious.  If you have this problem in your facility, it will make it difficult for you to hire and retain any top talent.
  • Many facilities are reluctant to make any changes, including to their culture. In fact, many statistics indicate that especially in the healthcare industry, many companies simply are not putting in enough effort when it comes to their culture.  If you are reluctant to change, you will find it harder to recruiter talent, and even hard to keep them.
  • Communication and transparency are required of today’s companies. It is imperative to your hiring process and your retention rates that you work on your communication and transparency daily.  Do not keep your staff in the dark.  Learn to share information, goals, and struggles.  You will find this can help build a culture that top talent will be knocking down the door for.
  • When you do not care about your employee performance ratings, you will find other candidates will care less about working for you. Make sure you listen to your current employees and ask them to rate your performance as an employer.  When you work at making changes, these ratings will help drive candidates to your door.

Company culture is extremely important to job candidates today, even in the healthcare industry.  Make sure that you do not have any of these company culture killers lurking in your hallways.

Copyright: iqoncept / 123RF Stock Photo