The senior care industry is going to be in dire need of workers in the coming years. In fact, some reports suggest that a million additional workers are going to be needed in the workforce by 2025. This includes everything from nursing assistants to administrative support. This need for additional employees is a direct result of aging Baby Boomers and Gen Xers across the country, although most workers will likely be needed in California and Florida.

The question becomes: how can the senior care industry attract qualified candidates away from other health care sectors and other competitor industries?

It will no doubt be difficult, however, by focusing on the following three objectives, senior care facilities can make sure that they are fully staffed with star employees for the years to come.

Decrease the risk of employee burnout

It is no surprise that the health care industries often have a high turnover rate. The long hours and emotional work can be draining. Of course, you cannot always pay high salaries to entice people to stay. You need people who go into the industry to stay in the industry. If you are unable to give better benefits to employees, you should focus on communication (e.g., asking employees about the perks that are most important to them) and work-life balance (e.g., allowing for remote or flexible work hours, where possible).

Improve the reputation of working in the industry

Unfortunately, working in the senior care industry has a reputation for long hours, low pay, and poor credentials. Focus on combating these preconceived notions within job descriptions and your company advertising. Huge technological advancement is already happening within the industry, which is something that many qualified candidates place a premium on in their job search. By focusing on dispelling negative perceptions and up-playing the aspects star applicants care about, you will help increase interest in your open positions.

Work with higher institutions

If you are looking for more applicants, you need to look for opportunities to join the top talent’s consideration set. One of the best ways to do this is by partnering with universities across the country to develop curriculums in programs that could align within senior care (e.g., business management). Not only will you be letting individuals know that this is a viable option, but you can also create a direct path to your open positions.

Senior care facilities are already starting to feel the need for more qualified employees – and this demand is only going to grow over time. By working toward some of the goals listed above, you can increase the number of applicants interested in your company and the industry as a whole.


Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash