As 2018 begins, many long-term care facilities are looking to predictions for the upcoming year, however, what many facilities need to look at is what will not happen in 2018.  While there were some great things accomplished in the industry in 2017, and more promised in 2018, there are always a few positions that cause friction.

Here are a few predictions for the long-term care industry, that will most likely never happen in 2018:

  • While 2017 showed some real promise in the way of deregulation in the industry, do not expect the same to continue in 2018. You most likely will see less new rules proposed this year, but the continuation of deregulation will be hard fought.  Be sure to pay close attention to any new rules proposed this year.
  • It is true that technology will make a splash in the long-term care industry in 2018. Yes, it will save many facilities from some poor choices made prior, however, it is not magic.  It will still take lots of planning and work to become compliant, and facilities will need to accept the fact that while technology is helpful, it is not the savior.
  • Late in 2017 many unflattering news stories surfaced siting poor operation and treatment of patients. Unfortunately, this news coverage will continue this year.  This means more scrutiny by outside forces, which means you will need to tighten up any lose ends internally.  Negative press is not good in any way for your facility!=

It is expected that some great things will happen in 2018 in the long-term care industry, however, beware of the culprits that will continue to cause concern and issues.  It is in your facility’s best interest to be aware at all times of these things listed.  Make 2018 an interesting year.

Copyright: suthisakaewkajng / 123RF Stock Photo