One of the greatest differentiators that companies have between one another is the organizational culture that they establish – and which their employees shape and maintain over time. However, during the past several months, the coronavirus has greatly upset this dynamic. Not only have work schedules and general procedures been turned upside-down, but there is an overall air of uncertainty, which has also had a grave impact on company culture. 

So, what is a business to do? How can they reignite company culture in times like these? And, if a company is currently in the process of hiring, how can this culture be effectively communicated to new and prospective employees? 

Remember your company values

Many companies are – understandably – worried about how to keep up employee morale during this time. When trying to figure out your strategy, it will help to first turn to your values to help guide you. These are the factors that you need to be reiterating to your employees, potential employees, clients, and the larger community through your written communications and your actions. 

Focus on your employees

This is a difficult time for everyone. Make sure that you are keeping a pulse on your workplace culture by actively reaching out to your employees and asking how they are feeling. What are their major concerns and hurdles that you can help to address? Consider these factors when posting about open positions. You should also make sure that you are regularly keeping in contact with your team and helping them to keep in contact with one another. 

Train leadership effectively

Being an effective leader is always difficult – but particularly in moments of crisis. How your managers lead their teams during this time will have a tremendous impact on company culture. It is important that they are showing care and generosity, that they are keeping open lines of communication, focusing on transparency, and maintaining an optimistic outlook for the future. This will help to alleviate your employees’ fears and encourage them to follow suit. 

Highlight positive behaviors 

Many companies are having their communication disrupted during this time. However, it is important that you continue to share the good news with the full team and to applaud a job well done. This is particularly true if you see an employee going above and beyond, and contributing to the betterment of workplace morale and overall company culture. You should be rewarding and reinforcing positive behavior wherever possible. 

It is important to stay connected and optimistic (as much as possible) during this time. Remember that your employees will be looking to management for reassurance and support. How you act will greatly impact the future of your company’s culture.


Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash