Promoting happiness in the workplace is something that every long-term care and senior care facility strives for, however, it often may seem impossible to gain.  The thought that happy employees will equal more job candidates is a novel thought, but something that many hiring managers have struggled with.  Here are a few ways you can promote happiness within your facility, and in turn, attract more qualified candidates:

  • Listening is often referred to as an art and is typically the number one complaint among employees in healthcare. Your employees want to be heard, today more than ever.  Make sure that you take the time to really listen to what your employees are saying.  They will often have some great points that can help with productivity, patient care, and operations.  Employees who feel like they are heard, will be your biggest fans to potential job candidates.
  • While you may master the art of listening to your employees, what will you do with the information you gleaned from the conversation? You must act on the information you received and keep your employees informed about what you will be doing.  While change is often difficult, it also means that you listened to what your employees had to say and acted on it.  This will show your employees that what they say matters and you are willing to make changes based on their feedback.
  • Make sure that you find ways to empower your employees. Allow them the freedom to solve problems relating to their immediate jobs and reinforce their decisions.  This again will show your belief in them!
  • Always express appreciation to your employees! Working in healthcare can be trying and stressful, therefore, it is important that you show your appreciation in multiple ways.

It is no surprise that when you have happy employees you will attract more job candidates.  By following some of these simple tips, you could have a great, happy workforce in your facility!

Copyright: diego_cervo / 123RF Stock Photo