You have probably heard it said before: a smile is contagious. And while contagions are probably not something you want to be thinking about when it comes to senior living and care – especially not in the midst of a global pandemic – this one could actually make a positive difference in the workplace.

Having a positive attitude literally costs nothing you nothing and can have enormous and far-reaching benefits.

So, what does this look like in the workplace? Generally speaking, it includes looking for solutions instead of complaining about problems, fighting the urge to be critical and giving others the benefit of the doubt, and asking questions instead of making assumptions.

In this article, we will talk about the benefits of adopting a culture of positivity – and how this can improve the lives of your team members, as well as the seniors in your care (or your clients), and yourself as an individual.

Your team

You already know that burnout rates are high in the healthcare industry, particularly in senior care. It can be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. However, having a positive attitude helps employees manage these daily hurdles at work, improving productivity and problem-solving skills. Not to mention, it is better for workplace morale, making the job all-around more enjoyable.

This does not mean ignoring frustrations or pretending that they do not exist; it is more about how you recognize and deal with them. Encourage your team to talk about annoyances or issues – but make sure it is not just a complaining session and that you work together to come up with solutions.

Your clients

Many of the residents at your senior care facility may be dealing with chronic illnesses or facing other difficulties that come with old age. Countless studies have shown that having a more optimistic mindset is directly correlated to living a longer and healthier life. Being in a positive environment can reduce blood pressure and cardiovascular disease and help individuals recover from surgery faster than those who carry a negative outlook.

Of course, it can be difficult to change the attitudes of those in your care, but just by having a positive staff that regularly interacts with residents, you will be taking a giant step in this direction.


It is important that you practice what you preach and not just expect it from those around you. By having a positive mindset, you will allow your best self to show up on the job each and every day and actively cultivate a workplace that lifts and supports all parties.


Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash