Your employees are the foundation of your business. Any project will only be as good as the team members bringing it to life. Beyond work product, company morale is also strongly tied to the individuals you choose to employ. 

Recruitment is not just something that you should be thinking about whenever a vacancy pops up. Instead, you should be actively engaging in the recruitment process if you want to ensure the success of your company. Keep these planning tips in mind along the way. 

Encourage Referrals from Top Employees 

This is an example of a recruitment planning tip that can happen at any time. Many major companies have found employee referrals to be amongst the most successful hires. Encourage your employees to make recommendations for individuals that they think could be a good fit. Keep this information tucked away for when you need it. 

Perfect Your Applicant Experience 

Oftentimes, this will be the first impression that an individual has of your company. And – no surprise – people talk. Word can quickly spread regarding whether this is a place people want to work at or not. 

The interview experience for candidates will also reiterate to current employees what type of company they are working for, so make sure you put your best foot forward. Also, remember that off-boarding can be just as important as on-boarding when it comes to recruitment. In fact, past employees may be some of your greatest ambassadors. 

Keep Your Social Media Up-to-Date

It may not seem like it, but your professional social profiles can do a lot of passive recruitment for you – or they can do the opposite. Make sure that things like your LinkedIn and Twitter profiles are complete and polished. You should have your current logo, web address, and any open positions posted. 

It is also important to stay active, although how active will be dependent on the type of work your company does. At the very least, take the necessary steps to establish your managers as thought leaders and contribute to the conversation online. This can often result in leads and industry clout.  

Value Potential Over Experience

Talent should always be considered more important than someone’s alma mater. Having a long checklist of “need-to-haves” when it comes to candidates is not the way to set your company up for success. Instead, look for someone’s potential and their ability to learn on the job.  Sometimes, it is better for a candidate not to have experience in a certain area, because it means they can learn your company’s specific way of doing things. 

Consider Employee Priorities 

Your main focus may very well be on the company’s bottom line, but chances are that your employees are more focused on their career paths and professional opportunities. If you want your employees to stay happy and loyal, you will need to make these some of your priorities as well. Talk to your staff to learn the things that matter the most to them, and then do what you can to make it happen. 

Your Employees Are Your Foundation 

The type of individuals that you hire will either make or break your company. These are the people who will ultimately determine whether your business is a success or a failure. It is critical that you plan for long- and short-term success by focusing on your recruitment strategy. Put these planning tips into play, and build the future of your company. 


Photo by Thomas Drouault on Unsplash