It can be an incredibly difficult decision to transition a loved one into a senior care facility. There are so many unknowns during this time:

  • Will they be well taken care of?
  • What resources will be available to them?
  • What will their day-to-day be like?

Looking through pamphlets or reading online copy can be frustrating. It all starts to sound the same after a while, and does not really give you the “big picture.” There is a lot left up to interpretation or imagination, which feels risky for such a big decision.

Being able to actually see and – to some extent – even engage with the facility is important. Prospective clients also want to be able to hear from individuals who have experienced the facility, programs, and staff themselves. These perspectives will carry more weight than the sales materials.

These are all things that you should be considering when it comes to marketing your services. If you do not currently have a digital strategist on your team, it is high time to consider one. In this article, we will take a look at some of the ways someone with this type of expertise can help evolve and strengthen your content.

Showcase the Experience 

Loved ones want to feel confident that the facility they choose will provide the senior with a comfortable living situation, engaging programming, and qualified staff. A video tour is a great way to achieve this. Consider putting together a “highlights reel” that shows the different aspects of life at your facility. This should essentially be a tour that prospective clients can take from the comfort of their own home.

Highlight Ratings and Reviews

Speak to families of residents who have been in your facility for a while. Would they be willing to give a positive review? This can either be in the form of a written quote or a brief video testimonial. The important thing is to show that these are real people whose experiences reiterate the same things that were highlighted in your video reel.

Share the Everyday Moments 

Many loved ones will not be able to visit as much as they would like. You can give them some peace of mind by being sure to regularly post visual updates – photos or videos – that show the residents in their everyday life. Depending on the content, you may want to post these on social media platforms or share them in a private message or online community. 

Start Interviewing Digital Marketers Today 

Beyond all of these benefits to prospective clients, having engaging video content can also boost your online presence. Including multimedia content on your website boosts SEO, making your brand more likely to show up in search results. Bottom line? You cannot afford not to do this.


Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash