When it starts getting close to the end of the year, many of us take some time to reflect. We ask ourselves things like: What do we want to change or incorporate into our lives for the following year? How could we continue to better or improve ourselves? What do we hope to accomplish in the year ahead? 

While many Americans regularly make New Year’s resolutions, the majority of us will have abandoned our goals within the first couple of months. Even still, the act of making a goal and planning for the upcoming year can be meaningful in and of itself – especially for those in their golden years. 

Considering the following ways that this simple act can help benefit senior citizens. 

Creates Something to Look Forward To

One of the greatest reasons that our health can start to quickly decline as we get older is because we stop having goals that we are actively working toward. By developing New Year’s resolutions, seniors are thinking about what they want out of their lives and then taking the steps to achieve those goals. This is of critical importance, as individuals who feel a real sense of purpose have been shown to be happier and experience less anxiety and depression. 

A Way to Connect with Family

When it comes to defining their New Year’s resolutions, many seniors will choose projects or activities that help them build or leave a legacy. The act of doing this can be incredibly meaningful for both the individual as well as their loved ones. For example, a family member could help record their stories, memories, and messages that they would like to pass on to younger generations. 

Helps Keep the Mind and Body Active 

A new year is also a good opportunity for seniors to create goals to better their mental and physical health. Having a good diet and regularly doing exercises designed to keep the mind sharp is important both for warding off ailments and for staying comfortable for as long as possible.

How to Help Seniors Achieve Their Goals

It is important that both family members and caregivers talk to the senior citizens in their lives about the resolutions or goals that they might want to make in the new year. Chances are, they may need a little encouragement and help brainstorming exactly what they want to achieve. It also helps with accountability and the likelihood of reaching their goals. 


Photo by Todd Cravens on Unsplash