As people age, physical activity becomes more and more difficult and slows down. It is especially important that seniors find a way to stay mobile in their “golden years” since research shows that exercise can help boost cognitive and cardiovascular health, elevate mood and decrease stress. It is no surprise that retirement communities are utilizing personal trainers to help seniors maintain their mobility, giving them an opportunity at a healthier lifestyle.

The advantages of a personal trainer

One of the major advantages of using a personal trainer is getting a customized fitness plan. Not all exercises will work for everyone. Personal trainers will take into consideration a person’s age, health, exercise experience, goals and physical ability. This ensures a safe workout that will target specific areas of the body based on the clients needs. One of the biggest fears seniors have, is of falling so often times, the training will center around balance and stabilization. Developing their lower body strength can give them the confidence they need to things they might otherwise be afraid to try, improving their quality of life.

Being held accountable and keeping you motivated are also benefits in using a trainer. Typically they will keep track of the exercises you are doing and document your progress, which can be extremely motivating. Just having someone there to get you going is a big help in itself. Most seniors would not exercise if left to do it on their own.

Goal setting is an important part of the training process. Often times people do not set realistic goals or fail to set any goal at all. This makes their workout seem meaningless, making it more probable that the workouts will stop. Trainers can sit down with seniors and discuss what they are hoping to achieve and determine small, achievable goals that aren’t overwhelming. Once those goals are met, they are there to reevaluate and set new goals.

More and more retirement communities are employing the services of personal trainers to help the residents stay active and improve their quality of life. This is another benefit that you might want to look for when searching for a facility for yourself or a loved one.

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