Many people believe that individuals who work in the health care industry are immune to the layoffs and furloughs that are happening around the company as a result of the novel coronavirus. However, like many other industries, health care is also being hit particularly hard. If you have recently lost your job or suffered a pay decrease, you might be starting to look for a new opportunity. 

Starting the job hunt is often stressful, but particularly in a time like today. While nothing is certain, taking advantage of these recommendations can help make your search more successful. 

Register on job portals and look for jobs extensively

The important thing is to be optimistic. When the future is so unknown, it can feel incredibly stressful. However, you have been given the gift of time. Looking for a new job is time-consuming, and often has to be done during evenings or weekends. Enjoy the fact that you can cast a wide new and search for opportunities that most excite you and align with your interests. 

Take time to develop your resume and skills

First off, if you were let go of your job as a result of the coronavirus, you should make note of it on your resume. Companies will understand the circumstances and know that it was not your fault. With the additional time on your hands, make sure that you are tailoring your resume and cover letter for each open position you apply to. 

Keep in mind that communication and technology skills are going to become increasingly important, particularly as people work from home more and more frequently. With your additional time, you should think about improving some of these skills. During this time, many online educational platforms are also making classes available for free at or a discounted rate. It is always a good time to invest in yourself, so why not look for a class or program that interests you? 

Build a network by meeting new people online

This is an opportunity to reconnect with people from your past as well connect with new people in your industry. Reach out to employers, recruiters, and hiring managers online. You can find them on employment websites as well as social channels like LinkedIn. Even if this does not turn into an opportunity now, it could very well in the future. 

Know that better days are around the corner

Now more than ever, individuals with experience working in the health care industry are being held in high regard. Keep this in mind and use other techniques – like yoga, meditation, or art therapy – to help maintain a positive outlook. You should also remember that there probably will not be a day where everything goes back to “normal.” The important thing is to remain flexible and open to new opportunities and ways of doing things. 


Photo by Allie on Unsplash