When it comes to developing your team and strengthening your company, it is often a good idea to promote from within. So, you start evaluating talent and considering who you should fast track to management positions, at which point you are likely to first consider the individuals who are the most visible or who have the loudest voices. But remember, there is not just one type of leader.

In fact, many of the employees that have the most leadership potential may actually be working quietly, or behind the scenes. To take full advantage of all of the potentials within your organization, you need to be able to identify and nurture this talent. Doing so will help ensure the long-term success of your company.

Keep in mind these four key traits. These are the leadership qualities that you should be celebrating and promoting.

  1. Act with Integrity

When you first begin to look for hidden talent within your organization, think of those who always maintain high moral standards. These are individuals who act professionally in every situation – whether it is in front of a client or at an employee happy hour – and who are honest and trustworthy above all else.

  1. Foster Strong Relationships

The best leaders (even hidden leaders) have built trust and respect with their coworkers over time. These relationships are partially a result of always acting with integrity, but it means that others will stand behind and support their decisions. It is important that leaders in an organization are followed by others, and this comes as a direct result of how other employees see them.

  1. Concentrate on Results

The difference between good workers and great potential leaders is the ability to see the big picture. Whereas one employee might blindly do the work that they have been assigned – and do it well – a hidden leader will question whether there could be a better way, or if there is another solution that could have a greater impact.

  1. Prioritize the Customer

In most service-based industries, the customer is always first. Top talent and hidden leadership understand that this is the most important factor of your business. These individuals will always look for ways to ensure that the customer is taken care of and that the customer experience is as positive and streamlined as possible.

Talent comes in all shapes and forms; it also comes from all levels of your organization. You should be actively identifying and supporting these individuals. Doing so will strengthen your internal team and the future of your company.


Photo by Erick Zajac on Unsplash