It seems today, that every job has some level of stress.  Senior care workers are no different, they experience workplace stress, which can lead to subpar performance, hinder their productivity, and cause a host of health issues.  It is important for hiring managers and management to understand that stress will occur, however, combating stress for your senior care workers is something that will help you as well.

Here are a few ways you can combat stress for your healthcare workers:

  • While not every facility has the ability to offer flexible schedules, it has been proven that allowing workers to choose their schedule is less stressful on them. Allow your workers to choose their preferred days and shifts to work and see if you can make it work.
  • Show your workers you care by offering stress-relieving activities, such as workplace massages, yoga classes, and even a quiet room. These are relaxing for your workers and will help boost their mental ability, physical stamina, and mood.
  • Too many healthcare workers go hours in between eating. To prevent health issues, mood swings, and a host of other health related problems, you should offer healthy snacks to your workers.  Whether it is in a vending machine, or just snacks available in the kitchen, you will notice a difference when they are able to eat regularly.
  • Do not waste time with too many meetings. Most are non-productive and many employees dread them.  Find other ways to get your message to them, including bulletin boards, newsletters, or smaller meetings that are quick.
  • Consider implementing therapy animals into your workplace. Not only are they good for your seniors, but they are therapeutic for your workers too.
  • Make sure that you invest in technology where needed to make your workers jobs easier.

Stress can cause many issues to your workers and do their productivity, however, there are many things you can do to help lessen and even prevent stress while on the job.  Consider these strategies above!

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