The caliber of candidates that you attract during your recruitment process can make all the difference in the world. Not only does it dramatically cut down on the resources (time, money, energy) required to fill a position, but it allows your business to continue running efficiently both today and in the future. We’ll outline four strategies that every hiring manager should actively be using on a regular basis. 

Do the Heavy Lifting Up Front 

The more work that you do at the beginning of the hiring process, the easier you will make it for yourself down the line. Talk to all of the appropriate parties so that you can put together a strong, thorough and cohesive job description. 

What are the key responsibilities that are included in the position? Can you give a sense of what the day-to-day will be like? What qualifications and/or experience is required? 

Including this information up front will help ensure that unqualified parties do not submit applications, and that the qualified parties who do will be able to ask productive questions during the interview process. 

Prioritize Key Personality Traits

There are some things that can’t be taught. If you want to attract candidates that will perform the best in the position and for your company over time, it can help to be a bit flexible with the requirements. 

Keep in mind that education and experience are often things that can be learned on the job, particularly by a smart and proactive candidate. On the other hand, personality traits like empathy and positivity are qualities that individuals either have or do not have.  

Be a Place People Want to Work 

Take a look at your company website. Are the employment opportunity listings recent? Does the site reflect your company values? Does this honestly look like a place that people would want to work? 

If your answer to these questions is “no,” then you have some work to do. 

Your company website—especially the careers page—should feel exciting and inspiring. This is how you get high-quality candidates to come to you. Give a sense of your organization’s personality and values. The goal is for potential candidates to peruse your site and think to themselves, “Now that’s the type of company that I’d love to work for!”  

Always Be on the Lookout 

Don’t just look for potential hires when you have a position that needs to be filled. Encourage your employees to come to you with referrals—word of mouth goes a long way and can ensure that you find someone that will be a good fit in your organization. 

When recommendations do come in, make sure that you reach out to establish a connection. Even if you don’t have a position open, this is the perfect opportunity to catch someone’s attention and create an excellent first impression. 

This way, when a position does become available, the groundwork has already been laid. Just be sure that you keep a detailed spreadsheet of recommendations that you can refer to when the time comes. 

Remember: Quality Attracts Quality

The best thing that you can do to attract quality candidates is to make sure that you have quality employees working for you. It’s important to keep morale high by maintaining an environment that is both challenging and inspiring. Doing so will make a world of difference when it comes to both hiring and retaining employees. 

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash