It is incredibly important to foster relationships within your workforce, however, when does simple conversations, become gossip?  Allowing your staff to converse, connect, and share in and out of the workplace is important to keeping a work life balance, but have you noticed lately that workplace gossip is taking over?

Gossip has no place in your facility.  In fact, the negativity, inflammatory comments, and disruption can tear apart a workforce faster than any other problem.  If you have noticed some anxiety, decline in morale, or unexpected turnover, you might wish to consider gossip as the culprit.  Here are a few ways you can rid your workplace of gossip:

  • It goes without saying that all those in management and supervisory positions, must set the example when it comes to gossip. Do not get caught in the trap, and always be a good role model for those that work with you and around you.  If you are subjected to gossip, make sure that you convey that type of behavior is not tolerated.
  • Make sure that you educate your staff about gossip and its destructive nature. Communicate your zero-tolerance policy on workplace gossip, and make sure it is enforced by management.  Your staff must understand that they can report gossip without harm to them, and that reinforcement of the policy will promote a positive workplace.
  • It is important to address any gossipers immediately. Do not let them continue to cause havoc.  It is not considered extreme to reprimand the culprit, and if the behavior is continued, terminate the individual.
  • You should continue to support positive relationships throughout your facility and workforce. This will show your employees that workplace relationships are encouraged, important and should continue.

Workplace gossip can be detrimental to keeping your employees happy.  Like a virus, it can cripple the delicate balance that is your workforce.  Take it seriously and get rid of it before it is too late.

Copyright: andreypopov / 123RF Stock Photo