Caregivers are in hot demand right now. This gives them plenty of opportunity to move to another company, and chances are that your top employees could already be receiving invitations for interviews. Plus, like most employees across industries, the majority of caregivers are “always looking for a better job.” With this being the case, the recruiting and hiring process can be particularly competitive, not to mention expensive. In times like these, hiring from within can be an attractive option. 

Show Dedication to Your Team 

When you have a position to fill and you first look internally, you are indirectly telling your team members that you see their value and are invested in their career advancement. This is something that matters to essentially every employee. Not only are you likely to see an increase in workplace morale, but likely an increase in productivity and efficiency as well. 

One question that is asked in probably every interview is, “what does my career path look like within the company?” Hearing that workplace advancement is something that your company actively works to achieve – and, better yet, demonstrating that to your employees – will have an incredible impact on your team.  

Have More Confidence in Your Hire

With some positions, you may have a list of ideal qualities for a successful candidate. While your current team members may not be qualified from this standpoint, you have the advantage of already knowing things like their drive, potential, and attitude. These individuals are already familiar with your company’s procedures and – chances are – the right individual will be able to learn the skills required for the new position. After all, a certain onboarding period is going to be required no matter what. 

There are also inherent risks of hiring someone that you do not know. An applicant can look great on paper, but then you find out that they are not a good fit socially. Retention rates tend to be higher when individuals are promoted from within. 

Save Precious Company Resources 

It can easily cost companies tens of thousands of dollars trying to fill an open position. There are costs that are incurred from the HR department posting job openings and screening applicants. There are also costs associated with the team needing to cover for the non-existent coworker. 

Not to mention, hiring outside employees often means a higher salary. Plus, continuing on our earlier point, these new employees are more likely to be fired within the first year than individuals who were promoted from within. Long story short, hiring from within can save both time and money (as well as headaches). 


Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash