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5 Key Demographic Facts to Know for Senior Care

While senior care may seem like it focuses on a single demographic, professionals in the field know very well how the “senior” grouping is more of an umbrella, encompassing a wide variety of groups and individuals. Here are five key statistics that senior care professionals and organizations should be aware of right now.   By 2030, 1 in 6 people will be aged 60 and older.  According to the World [...]


What Do New Grads Want from Senior Care Companies?

It’s that time of year again: graduation means that the class of 2022 is heading out to find their first post-graduate jobs. What does that mean for senior care companies looking to recruit from among these bright new grads? These are three of the most important things that the class of 2022 is looking for in a new role.   Competitive Pay Let’s start with the basics: pay. New grads [...]


Recruiting Moms to Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Working mothers form a large portion of the senior care, assisted living, and other healthcare and caregiving professions. When it comes to recruiting these valuable employees, however, companies need to keep in mind the unique needs of this demographic. Recruiting and retaining talent is all about building a culture where they feel welcomed and valued. Caregiving has always had an image of being a profession that is historically predominantly female, [...]


Going Green in Senior Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Everyone is talking about sustainability these days, but what are they really looking for? For some seniors and their families, your approach to sustainability could be the key difference in choices that generate revenue for you. Healthcare and Sustainability Today Healthcare and nursing have a particularly complex relationship with sustainability, as the very practices that are meant to ensure quality and safe care (such as single-use PPE) may seem at [...]


Food Service Trends in Senior Care

As the resident age in senior care continues to get younger, many facilities are looking at their food service as a way to not only attract new residents, but to save costs on food.  The fact is that residents today are more active and are younger than in years past, therefore, many facilities are finding themselves having to rethink their food service. In the past, residents were more sedentary and [...]


Senior Care’s Biggest Challenges

It is no secret that long-term care, or senior care hiring managers continue to struggle to find qualified candidates for their open positions.  The biggest challenges seem to be finding quality workers, offering competitive wages, and turnover and retention. While addressing each one of these challenges may seem insurmountable to many hiring managers, there are some things you can do to address them.  Here are a few tips to keep [...]

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