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Hiring Process or Marketing Funnel?

You have read the stories, and have heard others say over and over again that you must streamline your hiring process in order to attract job candidates.  However, have you heard or even considered that you must treat your hiring process similar to a marketing funnel?  Most likely not! Since you are a hiring manager, you probably are not aware of the similarities between your hiring process and a marketing [...]


Evaluate What You Have

It is no secret that many hiring managers in the senior care industry are struggling to find quality candidates, however, some have discovered that when you evaluate what you have, you may find the answers you have been looking for. As the workforce transforms, and the growing population of adults needing senior care increases, businesses will need to rethink their responses to their labor shortages.  Here are a few suggestions [...]


How the Overtime Rule May Affect your Recruiting Efforts

Overtime has always played a large role in how hiring managers and recruiters handle filling an open position, however, with the recent news regarding the new regulations governing overtime pay, some businesses are considering the impact it will play on their overall business. How will this rule affect your businesses recruiting efforts? Even with the overtime rule being suspended for now, many hiring managers and recruiters are concerned about the [...]

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