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Happy Employees Equals More Candidates

Promoting happiness in the workplace is something that every long-term care and senior care facility strives for, however, it often may seem impossible to gain.  The thought that happy employees will equal more job candidates is a novel thought, but something that many hiring managers have struggled with.  Here are a few ways you can promote happiness within your facility, and in turn, attract more qualified candidates: Listening is often [...]


Senior Care Job Candidates are Looking For

Depending on who you talk to in the senior care industry, you will hear mixed reviews about the state of hiring.  On one hand, many believe the industry is in a hiring slump and finding qualified candidates is difficult, however, on the other hand, many believe that is just a fallacy and there are plenty of good candidates available.  In fact, they believe it all comes down to what senior [...]


Attracting Today’s Senior Care Workforce

It is no secret that hiring managers today are struggling to find qualified senior care workers.  As workers continue to retire, focus is turned to the younger generations to pick up the load.  With so much changing, it is imperative that you find new ways to attract today’s senior care workforce.  Here are a few tips to keep in mind: Job candidates today are looking for more than just a [...]

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