Determining whether a healthcare job fair is for you, can be difficult, however, depending upon what type of position you are looking for, a job fair may give you just the leads you have been looking for.  Contrary to popular belief, even those looking to get into senior care can benefit from attending a job fair.  Here are a few ways you can turn the job fair into a senior care job:

  • Even if you do not find many senior care facilities at your job fair, practice makes perfect. Attending the job fair and meeting other job candidates and other employers is perfect practice for the interviews you will attend later.  It is important to remember that every impression counts, because they may know someone in senior care looking for candidates.
  • You must attend the function fully prepared. That means you must dress appropriately, have your resume in hand, and be prepared to interview.  Most often you can get a list of the participants ahead of time, therefore, you should look that over and make notes of the ones you want to visit.  Research their facility and prepare resumes specifically for them.
  • No matter the outcome of your time at the fair, it is important that you keep up your energy and remain friendly. This will show potential employers that you have the stamina needed, and that you are pleasant.
  • As with an interview, you should have several questions you want to ask the hiring managers. Again, it would be helpful if you did your research, which shows you are thorough and passionate about finding the right job.
  • Make sure that your follow-up with everyone that you spoke with at the job fair. Even if it is just a thank you for taking the time to talk to you.  Again, this will show your professionalism and passion.  They are more likely to recommend you.

While healthcare job fairs are not for everyone, there are positives to attending.  Even if you do not come out of it with a job interview or job offer, you may have networked with some great people that can help you get the perfect job.

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