National Assisted Living Week 2022: Celebrating an Industry That Make Lives Better

National Assisted Living Week 2022 takes place Sept. 11-17, 2022. Aspen Associates Group is privileged to work as an executive recruiting partner with people at all levels in this profession, and we are continually impressed by their dedication and care for residents and their family members. On so many levels, the assisted living industry makes a positive contribution to our society. Assisted living provides social benefits that come from being [...]


Sanford Rose Associates is Named in Hunt Scanlon’s 2022 Top 40 Global Search Firms

We’ve got big news! Sanford Rose Associates is honored to be named in Hunt Scanlon’s 2022 Top 40 Global Search Firms! The annual list recognizes the best search firms across the globe, and SRA is delighted to be included among such remarkable company.   Aspen Associate Group is a member of the SRA network, and honored to share in this recognition. See the full list from Hunt Scanlon here: [...]


Cracking the Communications Code for Candidates

Humans speak their first fully-formed words sometime between 9 – 12 months of age. This is a major milestone, delighting our parents and launching children into the world of interactive communication. For the rest of our lives, words are the foundation of nearly everything we do.  Taking full advantage of the possibilities of language can set job candidates apart in any recruiting and interview process, especially with smart communications tips [...]


Jobs in 2022: Mid-Year Numbers Report

It’s no secret that every part of the healthcare sector has gone through enormous turmoil over the last few years. While much of the focus has been on the crisis of acute care, such as hospitals, long-term care – such as assisted living and senior health care – has faced struggles too. Are we finally reaching the light at the end of the tunnel? As we head into the latter [...]


Generations in the Workplace: What to Know

Today’s workforce spans several generations, from the not-yet-retired “Greatest Generation” and the Baby Boomers to fresh-faced Gen Z. Each of these generations brings something unique to the workplace, thanks to differences they’ve faced in their education and in the world they’ve grown up in. How can organizations understand and support these different generations? Let’s take a closer look.   Baby Boomers In most workplaces, Baby Boomers are the senior generation, although [...]


Ghosting in the Workplace and How to Avoid It

Ghosting – it’s not just for dating anymore! Coined as a way to describe would-be romantic partners who simply stop communicating without warning, “ghosting” has officially made its way into the workplace. Much like its counterpart in the personal realm, ghosting in the professional world refers to what happens when one party – either the employer or the candidate – seemingly drops out of the process without any explanation and [...]


Dads in the Workplace: Who is the New Dad and How Do You Attract Them?

The “new dad” is a force to be reckoned with. Able to juggle multiple roles and searching for a balance between family and work life, these dads are changing what it means to be a working father. Their dedication and creativity make them great candidates to join any company – so how can you recruit and retain them to your team?   Who Is the “New Dad?” The “new dad” [...]


What Do New Grads Want from Senior Care Companies?

It’s that time of year again: graduation means that the class of 2022 is heading out to find their first post-graduate jobs. What does that mean for senior care companies looking to recruit from among these bright new grads? These are three of the most important things that the class of 2022 is looking for in a new role.   Competitive Pay Let’s start with the basics: pay. New grads [...]


What Are You Doing with Your Dash?

Alton Maiden played Defensive Tackle for The University of Notre Dame under legendary Coach Lou Holtz. In late October 1996, the Fighting Irish arrived in Dublin, Ireland to prepare for the first-ever Shamrock Classic – a November 2 football game between Notre Dame and the United States Naval Academy. During their time in Ireland, the team was able to do some sightseeing. One of their stops was a 12th century [...]


Nicole Hartog Joins Aspen Associates Group as Associate Recruiter

Littleton, CO — Aspen Associates Group is pleased to announce the hiring of Nicole Hartog, who will join the organization as an Associate Recruiter. Nicole spent the last two decades of her career working directly with seniors and their caregivers which has enhanced her passion to help seniors age well. She has presented seminars at national conferences on topics including program innovations in senior services, evidenced-based older adult wellness programs, [...]

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