I do not know about you, but I feel like this global pandemic has been going on for at least the past couple of years. It is hard to even remember what the world looked like at the beginning of 2020. Essentially every business in the country has been impacted, and many will continue to be for the foreseeable future. 

So how can you make sure that things go as smoothly as possible? What can you do to keep your projects on track and morale high (whether your employees are actually in the office or are working from home)? Keeping these communication tips in mind will go a long way in building trust in your company’s leadership, and strengthening your team as a whole. 

Communicate a lot, and then a little bit more 

You already know that communication is important – but it is ten times more so now. Keeping people informed can help keep them healthy, and ensure that your company is following CDC and WHO guidelines. Misinformation can be incredibly dangerous, so it is important that you use clear language that cannot be misunderstood. Make sure that employees know how they can stay up to date. 

Your employees (and their families) will appreciate regular updates. Just saying something once is not enough. Assume that some people will either not hear things the first time or will hear them differently. Consistent communication will be reassuring during this time. 

Be clear about what you know and what you do not know

There are a lot of unknowns right now. It is okay to not have all of the answers. The important thing is that you are transparent about what you know and what you do not know. Your employees will rather have honesty more than misinformation. That being said, let them know when you expect to learn more and then keep them updated along the way. 

Remember that they are human first and foremost 

Empathy will go a long way during this time. It is important that you listen to your employees so that you can effectively address their concerns. We are all struggling emotionally, and it will help everyone to know that their company cares. 

One last word of advice

People are scared. Your employees will be looking toward the company’s leadership for reassurance. How management acts during this time will determine whether your staff is scared or calm, frantic, or engaged. By being thoughtful and selective about how you communicate, you can help ensure that your team will weather this storm together – perhaps coming out even stronger than when it started. 


Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash