Long-term care and senior care facilities are constantly looking for ways to build a company culture that shows more compassion.  Especially in the healthcare field, compassion is a priority, not only for the care of the patient, but for the morale of the staff.  Compassion has shown to help increase productivity, boost employee engagement, and builds an empathetic and caring culture throughout the facility.

Here are a few ways you can build a more compassionate culture in your facility:

  • It is important that the leaders of your organization practice what they preach. You have probably heard it a million times, but this saying is true.  It starts at the top and once your leaders are showing the type of compassion you want to spread throughout your facility, it will spread quickly.
  • Relationships are important to building a culture of compassion. It is important that you foster and support relationships among all your staff.  Encourage them to get to know each other personally, give them opportunities where they can relax and have fun, and support activities where everyone can participate in getting to know each other.
  • Maintaining an environment where work-life balance is key is a great way to foster a culture of compassion. Not only does this show compassion, but it shows that empathy is alive in your facility, everyone is willing to pitch in when something should come up, and that their personal needs are just as important as doing a good job while at work.
  • It is true that please and thank you never go out of style and are very appreciative words when you have an environment that is truly compassionate. Make an effort to show your appreciation by recognizing and rewarding behavior that supports your culture.

Striving for a facility culture of compassion and kindness is something that most long-term care facilities dream of, however, it can become reality by implementing a few of these tips.  Job candidates are looking to work for facilities that are about compassion not only for their patients, but their staff as well.

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