It pays to know the unique traits and characteristics that you are likely to experience when working with different generations. When you are aware of the things that motivate your employees, you can do a better job of keeping them happy – and on your team. Keep in mind these following attributes when it comes to working with some of your youngest employees. 

They Are More Likely to Jump Between Jobs 

In the past, it was far more common for someone to start with a company and stay there for their entire career. Today, younger employees may choose to jump between positions in order to advance their career and pay grade. This means that Millennials are often more concerned about the now, or how they can benefit in the short-term. 

Some employers have difficulty working with this generation, as Millennials are more likely to look for a new job if they feel as though their needs are not being met in their current position. In order to keep their work ethic high, it’s best to keep open communication with them. Listen to what they are hoping to accomplish, and be transparent about what they can expect.  

Work-Life Balance Is of Utmost Importance 

This largely comes in the form of flexibility. Millennials want to feel as though they have more control over what their day looks like, so that they can work in the way that best matches their personal strengths and preferences. 

Things like flexible work hours, or the ability to work from home may be incredibly important to Millennials, and could even be more of a draw than salary or benefits. Where possible, take the time to talk to your employees about the specific things that are important to them. Being able to take early morning calls from home may not sound like a huge deal, but it could make a big difference to some of your younger employees. 

When It Comes to Diversity, They Thrive 

One thing that tends to be true about most of this group is that they do really well when it comes to working with a diverse set of people in a constantly changing environment. In fact, many Millennials thrive in this type of situation and would always prefer it over the monotony of performing the same task or working with the same team day after day. 

Look for opportunities to give Millennials new experiences, and challenge them with new projects and clients. This is a group that tends to be very comfortable working with people from all different backgrounds, and can quickly adapt to new procedures and expectations. 

One Last Word on Millennials

Of course, everyone is different. Some of the things on this list may not apply to certain Millennials, or could also pertain to individuals from older generations. If you want to help all of your employees thrive at work – no matter their age – it’s best to speak with them directly and understand what drives them, personally. Doing so will benefit all parties involved. 


Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash